The story of the Steinerwirt

About Us

The old stone walls, which live up to the name of the hotel, have seen quite a bit. Registered with the inventory number 3 the Steinerwirt counts namely to the oldest houses in the Pinzgau. So the sense of tradition of its owners is not by chance. In a land register from about 1350, the house is mentioned as a “whole wine fiefdom” (an estate with about 5 days of arable land), then later around 1622 for the first time as a “radiziertes Wirtsgewerbe”. That was the beginning. From then on, many generations of passionate innkeepers carried the house through its history, expanding, remodeling and hosting satisfied guests from near and far. Centuries of experience and passion for the hospitality industry lie dormant in the floors and walls of the house. You feel this as soon as you enter the Steinerwirt for the first time. In 2005, the house was renovated from the ground up and since 2016, the new managing directors Julia Haidinger and Simon Schuster have been wielding their scepter there. As your hosts, they and their team take care of the all-round well-being of their guests. For many years in the business, they know the Steinerwirt and the region around Zell am See inside out. A bond with the hotel and its surroundings that guests appreciate.

A place since time immemorial,

where hospitality is capitalized.

The team around the Steinerwirt

What would the hosts be without a reliable team by their side? The team of the Steinerwirt is at your service around the clock. So that you can fully enjoy the small and big moments of happiness of your vacation in Zell am See.